Our indoor leagues run from March - October each year, and offer the following sports;


Love this beautiful game? Sign up to Futsal and show your magical touch!

  • Six week league 
  • Game day: Sundays, 12.00pm - 9.00pm
  • 45 minute games
  • Mixed teams (at least one person of each gender on the pitch at all times)
  • Five players on the pitch at any one time (maximum of ten total players per team)
  • $225 per team

For a full list of the Social Sport Futsal rules, click here.


Indoor Netball

If you prefer catching over kicking, our Indoor Netball leagues might be right up your alley. 

  • Six week league 
  • Game days: Tuesdays or Thursdays (separate leagues), 5.30pm - 10.00pm
  • 45 minute games on Tuesdays
  • 30 minute games on Thursdays
  • Mixed teams (min. one male, max. three males per team on court, one per position)
  • Six players on court (maximum of ten per team)
  • $290 per team on Tuesdays (270 minutes of netball)
  • $200 per team on Thursdays (180 minutes of netball)
  • Prime-time game slots (6pm-8pm) can be guaranteed for an additional fee.

For a full list of the Social Sport Indoor Netball rules, click here.