Ladder/Division System

Our ladder & division system is just one of the reasons our leagues are the best in the Waikato.

Upon registering, each team is placed on the ladder relative to their selected level of play, as well as any previous league results. Each week, teams are matched-up against a similarly ranked team. Depending on your team’s result, your team will move up or down a certain number of places. If you win big, the bigger the jump up the ladder and vice versa. Half way through the league, the ladder will then be separated into divisions depending on the number of teams. Then, teams will operate on a mini-ladder within their division before semi-finals and finals. 

The objective of the ladder system is to ensure that your team plays against teams of a similar ability – particularly at the start of each league – in order to ensure a better experience for everyone involved. In the interests of keeping things fair and competitive, please ensure that when registering, you select a level of play which most accurately suits your team.